Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

When do you arrive?
We arrive at around 6.30pm for weddings and parties. This usually fits in with the end of the speeches and prior to evening guests arriving. It takes us an hour to set up and we do this as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can. We can have some background music playing within a short space of time for you. With regards to sound checking we are again as un-intrusive as possible. Trust our experience, we will not be shouting 1-2, 1-2 over your speeches!

How long do you play for?
We play for 2 hours. This is broken into 2 x 1 hour sets. Our usual timings for the live music are 9-10pm, 10.30-11.30pm and then we will keep our disco music running until 12 Midnight.

Will you learn our first dance?
Yes! So long as we have 8 weeks notice. We also have a list of first dance choices you may like. We also can play your first dance from MP3 player or laptop through our PA system if you would like the original. Bear in mind that if you are having a choreographed song it is best to use the original song as a live version may be slightly different in sequence… don’t waste your hard work!

Can we see you live before we book?
Yes! Check our regularly updated gig list, our Facebook page and Norfolk Gig Guide. Come and have a chat with Claire about what you are looking for!

Do you have party lighting?
Yes! Our lighting is LED to light the stage and the band. We also have disco lighting aimed at the dance floor.

Do you have public Liability insurance?
Yes, up to £10m through the Musicians Union.

Do we get a contract?
Yes, for a private function you will sign a contract, keeping both parties informed and secure.

What do I need to provide for the band?
– We ask that the band are provided with free soft drinks for the evening and a light meal if setting up is required before 7pm. Please ensure a minimum of 4 power sockets for the stage area, you would be surprised how often we get to a venue and there’s nowhere to plug in the band equipment and lighting. It is dangerous to plug lots of equipment into 1 socket!

– It is also very useful if there is somewhere for us to sit while we are not performing. This is particularly important at marquee events.

– For playing and to accommodate our equipment, we require a stage area of approximately 5m x 3m (if smaller than this we will have half band on stage and half off) It is very important that the drums and PA equipment can be set up on a stable area.

– Much of our equipment is heavy and it is appreciated if we can park, load and unload as close as possible to where we are playing; please let us know if there are any access or parking issues at the venue.

Any further questions, feel free to get in touch.